CBD for Headaches

Member Success Story: CBD for Headaches

Tension, stress, and the pressures of everyday life can leave your head pounding with no relief in sight. Members like Amber who begin a daily CBD routine often find that EQ CBD can aid in easing the stress and tension that can lead to the discomfort of headaches. Read more
CBD rewards program

Our CBD Rewards Program is Here! Meet EQ Rewards

The time has finally come! We’re excited to announce the launch of EQ Rewards, our very first CBD rewards program. You can now start earning with every purchase you make with us. Every dollar spent gets you closer to savings and so much more.  Read more
CBD oil massage

5 Benefits of A CBD Oil Massage

The mind and body are so closely intertwined that the stress of everyday life means we often carry tension in the body, affecting our physical and mental health. CBD massage is a great way to bring your mind and body back into balance, with a few benefits you might not expect! Read more
CBD for sleep

EQ Member Success Story: CBD for Sleep

When we talk to our members about why they decided to try CBD, many mention that poor sleep was negatively affecting their lives. Members like Elizabeth have found that a daily CBD routine helps support a healthy sleep cycle. Read more
Full Spectrum CBD Drinks: What Sets Drinks

Full Spectrum CBD Drinks: What Sets Drink Drops Apart

From CBD water and soda to canned mocktails, it seems that everywhere you turn, you see a new CBD drink! While there are many options to choose from, Equilibria set out to create a CBD drink that stood out from the rest. Learn what sets our new Drink Drops apart from the rest! Read more
Daylight Saving Time, Sleep, CBD

Daylight Saving Time Sleep Tips

Seeing the sun earlier in the morning can disrupt your sleep/wake cycle, leaving you with a lack of energy and feeling drained and worn out. Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to maintain a consistent sleep cycle through the time change and into the spring. Read more
CBD for Stress

EQ Member Success Story: CBD for Stress

Many of our members are dealing with significant amounts of stress in their lives and are looking for something to bring them relief. Learn how our member, Brooke improved her stress levels with a daily routine! Read more
3 Years of Equilibria

3 Years of Equilibria

Over the past three years, we’ve helped nearly 200,000 women incorporate CBD into their wellness journeys, with the highest quality CBD, most up-to-date technology, and personalized member support every step of the way.  Read more
5 Reasons You Should Use CBD Daily

5 Reasons You Should Use CBD Daily

Whether you’re new to the world of CBD or you’ve been around for a while, you’ve likely heard that it’s important to take CBD daily to achieve the best results. Here we break down why. Read more
EQ Team Spotlight

EQ Team Spotlight: Nami K.

In our EQ Team Spotlight, meet the faces behind your favorite CBD! Today, we’re featuring Nami K., our Senior Brand Designer. Read more