CBD: It’s What You Don’t Feel

Getting started with an EQ CBD routine is exciting — you’re taking your health into your own hands, and joining a community of women looking to learn more about the many benefits of cannabinoids and watch as these compounds create a positive impact on their life. With over 100 identified cannabinoids, along with increased funding for cannabis research, researchers are learning more about the effects of these cannabinoids. Despite many similarities on a molecular level, the slight differences between them can account for the varied ways in which our bodies respond to each.

One common misconception

of cannabinoids is that they all play a role in producing feelings, when in reality, some actually help to reduce feelings rather than incite them. The psychotropic cannabinoid THC, for example, creates the feeling of being “high,” while the non-psychotropic (i.e., won’t make you high) cannabinoid CBN, has reported sedative effects when combined with a full-spectrum formula. CBD, like CBN, is also non-psychotropic; but unlike CBN, the benefits of CBD are more easily identified in what you don’t feel. 


No, we’re not talking about feeling like an emotionless robot — instead, we’re talking about achieving systemic balance, which supports better physical and mental well-being. On a daily basis, we all experience emotions and sensations which make us feel off balance, and this in turn impacts our internal balancing system, the endocannabinoid system (ECS). When our ECS, like any other body system, is under duress, functionality declines, thus inducing a vicious cycle of feeling off-kilter. And I bet you could count the number of times in your day that stress, fatigue, lack of focus, or discomfort are at the front of your mind. 


We’ve all been there, and while the laundry list of daily inconveniences may be overwhelming to add up, we can also use that knowledge to our advantage as a starting point for analyzing success with our CBD routines. Health goals tend to be broad and qualitative — but by taking a moment to identify the quantifiable ways in which your health goals impact your day, we can better structure your routine and track progress along the way. 


The effects of CBD

compound over time, so before we can even begin our analysis, we have to accept that slow and steady wins the race. Additionally, experimenting with your dose will be key for finding the right daily routine that addresses your health goals and complements your lifestyle. Once you’ve identified the “how” and “when” your health goals present, that list can function like a to-do list, with success measured in the number of items we cross off. 


CBD: It’s What You Don’t FeelFor example, if you’re looking to address stress with a CBD routine, think of the ways stress impacts your behavior and perception. Are you snappy with friends and family when stressed? Do you notice increased muscle tension in the days following stressful events? With these examples in mind, then, success with CBD could look like a reduction in snappiness or stress-induced muscle tension. However, knowing that these changes take time to develop, we’re looking for small, incremental changes along the way. 


Below are some other examples to consider for your own health goals, but given how different each of our lives is, the signs of CBD success will vary. Personalize your indicators of success, and share them with your Certified Wellness Coach to consider when customizing your daily routine. Success indicators may include:



  • Reduced physical reaction to stressful stimuli 
  • Less mind racing
  • Fewer instances of yelling or irritability 


  • Reduced soreness following a day on the go 
  • Reduced tension and aches following activity 
  • Fewer instances of letting discomfort get in the way of plans 


  • Waking up one, two, etc. fewer times overnight 
  • Decreased time falling back asleep when awoken overnight 
  • Reduced time to fall asleep at night


If you do ever get a strong feeling from your CBD routine, that’s okay, too! Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so of course some of us will respond a bit differently than others. While the overwhelming majority see changes over a longer period of time (approximately one to three months for maximized benefits), for members who do experience rapid results, the effects are often described as a sense of calm throughout the mind and body. 


However, if you ever experience the opposite of what you were looking for — feeling fatigued during the day, energized at night, or more irritable following a CBD dose — then we can use that unexpected reaction as a lesson, too, knowing that this likely indicates the dose taken was too high for your body’s needs at that time. Again, experimentation is a vital part of success, and we can learn just as much from doses that don’t seem to work as doses that do. 


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assessing your progress once you get started, consider booking your Wellness Coaching Session or reaching out to our team of Certified Wellness Coaches at wellness@myeq.com. If you haven’t made a purchase with us yet, go ahead and book a call here to discuss your health goals and get guidance on your first purchase! Whether you’re new to CBD or have used it for years, we’re here to welcome you to the community and empower you through education on your journey to personal health.