Getting Started With Your New CBD Routine

A little black box just arrived on your doorstep, containing all of the CBD goodies you’re excited to try. Now, it’s time to set up your starting routine! When getting started with a CBD routine, it’s important to keep in mind that life is not static, and your health goals and routine may evolve over time. The majority of our members do wind up changing their dose, products, or timing once they’ve had a chance to experience the effects of CBD and connect with a Certified Wellness Coach. However, a little customization from the get-go can go a long way toward achieving your goals! 


Getting Started With Your New CBD Routine


Adopting the Certified Wellness Coach mentality

CBD routineOur experienced team of Certified Wellness Coaches are here to support you with our expert cannabis knowledge and education! We love working with our members every day, whether they are new to CBD or looking for additional resources and routine support. Whether you choose to work with us every step of the way or want to experiment a bit on your own first, our Certified Wellness Coaches are here to provide you with the education and empowerment you need to start and stick with a successful CBD routine. 


Let’s start with the basics. Our team of Certified Wellness Coaches approaches CBD routine design with three factors in mind: 

  1. Your health goals 
  2. Your products
  3. Your daily schedule and lifestyle 


Here’s why each of these factors is important: 

  1. Knowing what you’re looking to address with a CBD routine can help us understand when and what type of support you need throughout the day. 
  2. Each modality works differently in the body, and your body’s chemistry and makeup are unique. Just as your needs differ from a friend’s, your products may as well! We suggest selecting the EQ products that sound most aligned with your health goals to start, and then working with a Dosage Specialist to understand your progress and make adjustments. If you haven’t yet selected your products, or want to learn more about each, check out our blog post on the different types of CBD.
  3. The best routine is one that fits seamlessly into your daily life. Consistency is key for maximized results, so finding a routine that works with your schedule is paramount for success!


Taking your lifestyle & health goals into consideration

Now I’d like to introduce you to Mary. As we walk through getting started, we’ll use Mary as an example to learn more about choosing CBD products and building a routine. You can note your own answers alongside Mary’s to learn more about your own routine needs using the templates provided! Here’s what you should know about Mary’s health goals and lifestyle: 


  • Mary is looking to address a high baseline of stress, difficulty falling asleep, and difficulty staying asleep.
  • She typically wakes up around 7 AM and goes to bed around 10 PM.
  • Mary typically skips breakfast in lieu of coffee but eats lunch and dinner daily.
  • Mary ordered the Daily Softgels, Daily Drops, and Daily Gummies.

To get started, let’s first consider what your typical day-to-day looks like. First, write down when you wake up, when you typically eat snacks or meals, and when you go to bed. Once you have your daily basics written down, we can start layering in your health goals. By pinpointing the times in your day when you need support, we can get a better understanding of your daily flow and customize your CBD routine accordingly! Here are a couple of example questions to get you started:


  • At what time(s) of the day are you experiencing stress or discomfort? 
  • At what time(s) of the day do you need the MOST support? 
  • Have you noticed any patterns among your health goals, such as taking longer to fall asleep when you’re stressed? 

Take a look at the details of Mary’s day below to help you through the process! 

Mapping out the timing of products in your CBD routine

CBD routineNow that your day is mapped, it’s time to figure out when to best use the products you have on hand. First, we’re going to identify what type of support each product provides, then determine which category your health goals fall into — pervasive or acute. 


  • Daily Softgels: Onset 1-3 hours; Support 6-8 hours (Extended)
  • Daily Gummies: Onset 30 mins – 1 hour; Support 4-8 hours (Fast-Acting, Extended)
  • Daily Drops: Onset 15-30 mins; Support 4-6 hours (Fast-Acting) 
  • Rapid Calming Melts (As-needed use): Onset 5-10 minutes; Support 3-6 hours (Fast-Acting) 


Pervasive health goals can stick around for a while, such as consistent stressors throughout your day, nagging discomfort from sunrise to sundown, or endless restlessness throughout the night, to name a few. Acute health goals, on the other hand, affect only a small piece of your day, or come up suddenly — say, struggling to fall asleep once your head hits the pillow, unexpected triggers that make your stress levels spike, or when you need an extra boost to help you maintain focus through the afternoon. 


Typically, our members find that products offering extended support are best used to address pervasive health goals, while acute health goals are best addressed by our products that offer fast-acting support. Most of our members use a combination of the two to address various health goals, which then offers flexibility to adjust the routine as needed. To learn more about how each of our products can be used to address your health goals, check out the following blog posts!



Some tips to keep in mind when considering product placement: 

  1. If you need all-day support, you may want to stagger your products. For example, if you need support throughout the workday and the after-school hours, you could take a Daily Gummy to start the day and a Daily Softgel with lunch! With this timing, your Daily Softgel would kick in around the time your Daily Gummies wear off. 
  2. Always consider how long a product takes to kick in, and whether or not it needs to be paired with food. For instance, if you need early morning support but aren’t eating breakfast, then the Daily Drops or Daily Gummies may be a better option than the Daily Softgels!
  3. Be proactive with your timing! If stressors, discomfort, etc. are always present in the afternoon, for example, time your doses so that you have support well before you really need it. 
  4. You don’t have to get it right the first time — in fact, most people don’t! Experimentation is the name of the game here. Wherever you start, think of this as an opportunity to learn more about your body and the ways in which CBD works best for you. Our team of Dosage Specialists will be here to help guide you through adjustments every step of the way. 
  5. While experimentation is the name of the game, patience is at the top of the rule book. We suggest giving any routine changes at least 5-7 days before determining if further adjustments are needed. 


Let’s use Mary again to walk through an example of product placement. Here’s a quick refresher on her products and health goals: 

  • Morning/Workday Stress: Mary’s stress peaks at the start of her workday, and tends to follow her through the rest of the day as well, making her stress a pervasive health goal. Since she needs early morning support that lasts all day, the Daily Gummies may be a great way for her to start her morning due to both the fast-acting and extended support! 
  • Falling Asleep: While Mary struggles to fall asleep daily, it only impacts that one single point in her day. Since this is an acute health goal, we’ll want to reach for the fast-acting Daily Drops to start! For timing, we can place them just before bed so they kick in when her head hits the pillow. 
  • Staying Asleep: Mary typically tosses and turns all night, so she’ll need a product that offers extended support in order to make it through the overnight period. Since we’ve already used the Daily Gummies for daytime support, in this case, we can use the Daily Softgels for nighttime support! We encourage our members to pair their Daily Softgels with food, so Mary will start by taking them right after dinner. 

You may have also ordered our Rapid Calming Melts, CBD topicals, or bath and body products, all of which can be a wonderful addition to any CBD routine. We suggest reaching for the Rapid Calming Melts as needed during spikes of stress, moments of overwhelm, or flare-ups of discomfort. Topical CBD, on the other hand, can be used anytime, anywhere without counting toward your daily dose! 


Congratulations are in order!

You’ve got your starting plan ready to go, and it’s time to take your first dose. However, don’t expect all your health goals to resolve just yet! CBD supports the body’s careful balancing act, and homeostasis isn’t achieved in the human body overnight. While we do like to see results within the first few weeks, on average, our members report their BEST results around three months into following a daily, consistent routine! 


With EQ, it’s all about you. Have fun embarking on your CBD journey, and remember — we’re here to support your success with our experienced, educated dosage support team. Personalized care is at the heart and soul of everything we do — we’re happy to share a few tips and tricks to get started, and know that our team of expert educators is here for you, every step of the way! It often takes a few rounds of adjustments to get going on the right track, and your Certified Wellness Coach will be happy to discuss your progress and make adjustments accordingly. Feel free to send us an email at, or book your Wellness Coaching Session here.