3 Years of Equilibria

It seems hard to believe that Equilibria is turning three this month! From the beginning, EQ has been dedicated to providing women with high-quality premium CBD as well as accessible cannabis education, so we can help our members make informed, science-based choices that are right for their lives. Over the past three years, we’ve built a community of hundreds of thousands of women to help them incorporate CBD into their wellness journeys with personalized member support.


3 Years of Equilibria: How we started and what’s to come!


3 Years of EquilibriaHow we started

Equilibria is a by women, for women CBD company that combines a passion for science and a focus on quality to bring our members premium CBD products that are elevating the industry. Our founders, Marcy Capron-Vermillion and Coco Meers, experienced the benefits of CBD in their own lives and wanted to bring those benefits to women everywhere, with a level of quality and service unmatched in the industry. They set out on a mission to truly understand the science behind CBD, and to use that knowledge to source and develop high-quality, cutting-edge products that women from all walks of life can use to improve their lives and support their well-being. 


Our members can confirm: mission accomplished! We’ll never rest on our laurels, though; we work every day to bring you the newest and best products and technologies, so our members know they’ll always receive the highest quality CBD and most personalized service available. 


3 years of Equilibria


What sets us apart

3 Years of Equilibria

It often seems like CBD is everywhere you turn, so at Equilibria, we’re up front about what makes us stand out from other CBD brands. We’re proud of what makes us different, including:


  • Our partner farm: To ensure consistency and quality, all of our full-spectrum CBD comes from our partner farm in Colorado, where our hemp is grown outdoors using organic farming practices, then hand-harvested, using only the flowers — never seeds, stems, or stalks. Because our hemp is cultivated and grown just for EQ, we can ensure that you’ll always know exactly what’s in your CBD and where it came from.
  • Third-party lab testing: In addition to our rigorous in-house testing, our CBD also undergoes third-party testing, and Certificates of Analysis are always available for our products. We believe transparency is a critical component of what we do, and it’s how we earn and keep our members’ trust. 
  • Cutting-edge technology: From our subcritical CO2 extraction process to our partnership with SUM Biotech to develop the exclusive sublingual absorption technology found in our Rapid Calming Melts, we never stop looking to improve our process and products.
  • Member education: It’s not enough for us that our products work well; we want our members to understand why and how they do. To that end, every EQ purchase gives you access to our Certified Wellness Coaches who can answer your questions, help you fine-tune your routine, and educate you on CBD and how it fits into your life.


What’s next for EQ and our members

3 Years of EquilibriaEven as we celebrate three years of bringing high-quality CBD to our members, we’re always looking toward the future. From new products like our Drink Drops, which feature patent-pending Molecular Dispersion technology, to our robust referral program, we’re continually looking for new ways for our members to incorporate CBD into their wellness journeys. Our team is hard at work developing industry-leading products and technology to keep our members ahead of the CBD curve with products that truly enhance their lives. 


We invite you to help celebrate EQ’s birthday with our limited edition Birthday Cake Daily Drops. Indulge in the decadent flavor of vanilla birthday cake with creamy vanilla buttercream for an enticing new way to experience your daily CBD dose. Plus, keep an eye out for exciting launches and updates all month long!