Equilibria Team Spotlight: Lindsay K.

In our Equilibria Team Spotlight, meet the faces behind your favorite CBD! Today, we’re featuring Lindsay K., our Chief Customer Officer.

Equilibria Team Spotlight: Meet Lindsay


What is your professional background, and what brought you to Equilibria?

Lindsay K Headshot

The first third of my career was spent at Estee Lauder companies, doing everything from working behind the counter through managing new global launches.  After receiving an Operations and Engineering-focused MBA from University of Michigan (Go Blue!), I began the second part of my career in Digital and eCommerce growth, running Whirlpool and Maytag’s first direct-to-consumer businesses and working to develop Digital and eCommerce strategy at Kimberly-Clark for their brands and markets around the world.  In 2016, I moved back to my hometown of Denver, where I’ve been working for startups, B-Corps, and mission-based businesses.  Equilibria is such an incredible synthesis of things I love from my past experiences and I feel deeply connected to helping other women on their wellness journey.


What is your favorite weekly meeting at EQ?

It’s a tie!  I love our weekly progress report meeting; it’s so helpful to me to have our whole team discussing the performance metrics around our business and to uncover insights.  I also love our Feel Good Friday meetings where we review the amazing feedback from our members and have some time for our geographically-distributed team to just catch up!


What is the best career lesson you have learned at Equilibria?

Work with incredible people and work on something that feels important to you so even your hard days feel worthwhile!


Lindsay’s #myEQ

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