NEW! Meet Our CBD Sleep Gummies

There’s nothing like springing out of bed in a cheerful mood and feeling rejuvenated after a good night’s sleep.  Unfortunately, for many of us those restorative nights of shut-eye can be few and far between. Our days can get a little too wound up, keeping us from truly winding down at night. Never-ending to-do lists loom before us, and it’s no wonder that the moment our heads hit the pillow, our minds proceed with incessant chatter. 


It’s time for you to gift yourself the rest and support that you deserve, with our brand new CBD Sleep Gummies! Now, chasing quality Zzz’s can be a thing of the past. Our Sleep Gummies are intentionally crafted to help you ease into your bedtime ritual for a luxurious night’s sleep. Rich artisanal Bordeaux Cherry flavor paired with our premium CBD and CBN opens the door to a new era of sleep so you can unwind your mind and snooze the night away.


Meet Our New CBD Sleep Gummy 


CBD sleep gummiesHow They Work

To get started using our Sleep Gummies before bedtime, pop one Gummy into your mouth, chew thoroughly, and then swallow. 

As you’re chewing, our premium full-spectrum CBD starts to absorb into the glands under your tongue, like our Daily Drops. Any remaining Gummy that you swallow will act like a slower, longer release, similar to our Softgels. The longer you chew them, the faster they will get to work! 

Sleep Gummies are intended for evening and nighttime use only, and the onset time of these CBD Sleep Gummies generally takes around 30 minutes to 1 hour to kick in and releases anywhere between 4 to 8 hours. 


Why They’re SpecialCBD sleep gummies

Not only do these vegan, all-natural CBD Sleep Gummies  deliver fruity and mouth watering notes of cherry, they are infused with our Extra Strength full-spectrum CBD, CBN, and a botanical blend curated to enhance the quality and duration of your slumber.  

At Equilibria, we pride ourselves on our quality – our Gummies are infused with CBD and not sprayed or rolled in CBD to give you a more consistent and efficacious experience.

Along with that, they’re perfect for dynamic dosing, which means you have the flexibility to adjust your dose! Feel free to cut your CBD Sleep Gummies in half or in quarters to fit your needs. 

Our first sleep-centric product offering, Sleep Gummies are the perfect add-in to your evening wind-down. After you try these, you’ll be ready to ditch your evening glass of Cabernet for these Bordeaux Cherry CBD Sleep Gummies, as you relax into your bedtime ritual and ease into restorative slumber.

Key Ingredients 

So what makes these different from the Daily Gummies or other Equilibria ingestible CBD products? 

  • CBD sleep gummiesExtra Strength CBD: Our Extra Strength CBD oil formula is about fives times more potent and contains additional terpenes than our Regular Strength CBD oil. A single serving size of our CBD Sleep Gummies (2 Sleep Gummies) includes 25mg of our Extra Strength CBD. Bring on bedtime! 
  • CBN: Besides CBD and THC, there are more than 100 cannabinoids identified to date and CBN is one of them that should not be overlooked. Although it’s derived from THC, CBN is a non-psychotropic (non-intoxicating) cannabinoid that can extend calming effects when working in tandem with our full-spectrum CBD. We’ve paired 5mg of CBN in each serving to work together with 25 mg of CBD in order to maximize your experience and results.
  • L-theanine & Chamomile: Each serving of our Sleep Gummies (2 Gummies) is infused with our botanical blend of 25mg of Chamomile and 25mg L-theanine, which provide a gentle addition to the combo of CBD and CBN to calm and support a better night’s sleep. L-theanine has been known to ease tension and unwinding, while Chamomile may enhance a restful, relaxed state, all working in beautiful harmony with our powerful cannabinoids to support your mind and body drifting off into dreamland. 


How to Start Using Our CBD Sleep GummiesCBD sleep gummies

Anytime you introduce a new CBD product into your routine, low and slow is the name of the game! On average, our members beginning their routine take anywhere between 20-30mg of CBD per day. 

The powerhouse duo of our full-spectrum Extra Strength CBD oil and CBN work synergistically to offer a potent and powerful experience. As a result of this combination, you may notice stronger effects using a lower dose! 

The serving size for our Sleep Gummies is two Gummies, however, we always recommend starting with one Gummy in the evening for the first 5-7 days to see how you respond before increasing to 2 Gummies. 

When getting started, we strongly suggest that you journal your experience to help you track your progress. Take note of any slight differences in falling asleep, staying asleep, physical tension/discomfort, or how you’re feeling when you wake up the next morning. This information can help you figure out if you’re on the right track or need to make some changes to your routine.    

Signs You Should Connect with A Dosage Specialist to Adjust Your Routine:

  • Waking up feeling more tired than usual 
  • Not feeling refreshed after waking up
  • Feeling more awake before bed than normal
  • Curious how to add Sleep Gummies into your existing CBD routine

Our CBD Sleep Gummies will also be included in our new Sleep+ Bundle along with our Mint Daily Drops (300mg/30mL). This bundle offers you the versatility to personalize your dosing to help support you with unwinding and finding quality rest throughout the night. 


Our Dosage Specialists’ Recommended Routine To Start with the Sleep+ Bundle:

Afternoon: 1 full dropper (10mg/1mL) to ease stress and unwind 

Evening: 1 Sleep Gummy (12.5mg) with dinner or an 1 hour before bedtime 


Ready to Try the Sleep Gummies? 

Whether you’re new to CBD or looking to replace your current evening dose with a Sleep Gummy, the Member Education team is here to help you! 

Connect with your Dosage Specialist to figure out how to add our new CBD Sleep Gummies to your routine! Email us or find a time to schedule a Dosage Consultation here