Sustainable packaging

Our New Sustainable Packaging Plus How To Reuse & Recycle Your Equilibria Products

At Equilibria, we believe in creating products that are good for our members and the earth. This commitment starts at our farm with our organic practices and hand-harvesting, and careful attention to the land we cultivate. Read more
CBD gummies for sleep

How To Use Our CBD Gummies for Sleep

If you’re looking to elevate your bedtime routine, our new Sleep Gummies are just what you’ve been dreaming of! Equilibria’s CBD gummies for sleep incorporate a botanical blend of chamomile, L-theanine, and CBN to give you the restful, luxurious sleep you need. Read more
Sustainability and Hemp

Sustainability and Hemp

Earth Day is here, bringing over 1 billion people together as we take intentional steps to honor our amazing planet, and build community as we protect existing natural resources, and shift to more sustainable solutions for the well-being of our future. Read more
CBD sleep gummies

NEW! Meet Our CBD Sleep Gummies

It’s time for you to gift yourself the rest and support that you deserve, with our brand new CBD Sleep Gummies! Now, chasing quality Zzz’s can be a thing of the past. Read more
essential oil roll on

4 Amazing Benefits of Our Essential Oil Roll On

Our members know that a consistent routine of premium CBD taken daily can help them feel their best. Did you know that our topical formulations offer powerful benefits of their own as well? Read more
Extra Strength CBD

Extra Strength CBD- Is It Right For You

For those of you who are looking to get started with our CBD products, you may be wondering if starting out with Extra Strength CBD is the right move. Read more
How to tell if CBD is working

How To Tell If CBD Is Working

If you’re new to CBD and have questions like these surrounding what to expect from your CBD routine, you’re in good company. We know CBD can be complex so luckily, our Member Education team is here to share their experiences and knowledge to help guide you on how to tell if your CBD routine is working for you!  Read more
CBD for Headaches

Member Success Story: CBD for Headaches

Tension, stress, and the pressures of everyday life can leave your head pounding with no relief in sight. Members like Amber who begin a daily CBD routine often find that EQ CBD can aid in easing the stress and tension that can lead to the discomfort of headaches. Read more
CBD rewards program

Our CBD Rewards Program is Here! Meet EQ Rewards

The time has finally come! We’re excited to announce the launch of EQ Rewards, our very first CBD rewards program. You can now start earning with every purchase you make with us. Every dollar spent gets you closer to savings and so much more.  Read more
CBD for sleep

EQ Member Success Story: CBD for Sleep

When we talk to our members about why they decided to try CBD, many mention that poor sleep was negatively affecting their lives. Members like Elizabeth have found that a daily CBD routine helps support a healthy sleep cycle. Read more