Top 5 Hacks for using our CBD Relief Balm

Here at EQ, we love a product that can do it all! With premium full-spectrum CBD, arnica, and menthol, our Relief Balm is one of our most popular topical formulations. You may already love Relief Balm for sore muscles and other discomfort, but did you know that this CBD relief cream can do so much more? Our team members offer up their favorite hacks for getting the most out of Relief Balm. 


Our Top Tips

CBD Relief Cream1. Reduce soreness from bruising*

Summer pastimes like hikes, sports, and more outdoor activity in general can mean more chances for bumps and bruises, as well as the tenderness that comes with them. When you’re dealing with the soreness associated with bruising, reach for Relief Balm. With ingredients to alleviate soreness like menthol and rosemary in addition to our full-spectrum CBD, Relief Balm can help ease the “ow” resulting from bruises and bumps.* Gently massage into affected areas and reapply as needed. 

2. Relief from skin irritation*

Minor skin irritation can be itchy, annoying, and hard to live with until it’s relieved. Fortunately, Relief Balm may help! EQ’s hand-harvested CBD along with ingredients like arnica and lavender can help support healing, while shea butter nourishes the skin, adding hydration and a soft, smooth feel to rejuvenate and relieve stressed skin.* 

3. Prevent aching feet*CBD Relief Cream Sore feet

For many of us, wearing heels for special occasions might complete an outfit, but can often lead to aching, sore feet at the end of the night. Applying Relief Balm to feet 30 minutes before wearing heels may help to prevent and alleviate the aches and tenderness that come from wearing less-than-comfortable shoes. Reapply once you’re home and in comfy slippers for additional relief for your hardworking feet.

CBD Relief Cream Period Cramps4. Relieve period cramps*

Period cramps are an unfortunate part of the menstrual cycle that can really disrupt your day-to-day life. Many EQ members report that Relief Balm is a key part of their period survival kits for those days when a heating pad just isn’t quite enough. This better-than-topical formulation may help relieve the discomfort associated with period cramps, with a luxurious feel and aroma that’ll help ease your mind and mood as well.* Apply generously to abdomen and lower back, or anywhere you’re feeling the pinch of period cramps.

5. Ease a pounding head*

Tension and stress can really take their toll on you physically, leaving you with the discomfort of a pounding head. Massaging Relief Balm into your neck, shoulders, and the occipital ridge where your head meets your neck can help relieve the stiffness that’s contributing to head pressure and discomfort. Shea butter and rosemary oil provide a great slip for massage, while full-spectrum CBD, menthol, and arnica alleviate tension, leaving you relaxed and refreshed.*

Looking for more ways to incorporate CBD into your wellness journey? Our Dosage Specialists are here to help answer your questions and educate you on how to make sure your CBD routine is fine-tuned for your needs and concerns. Call us or email to set up your 1:1 consultation and get the most out of your CBD routine!