5 Wellness Trends To Look For This Fall

There’s nothing like a new season to inspire change. The air is chillier, the kids are back to school, and it’s time for a little extra focus on you. You might be considering how you’re spending your time or where your energy is going. The crisp air and autumnal equinox invite you to evaluate your wellness routine and get cozy with the things that are serving you best. Something about fall sparks a recommitment to physical and mental wellness ahead of the bustling holiday season. Check out these five fall wellness trends to incorporate into your life this season.



wellness trends journalingHere at Equilibria, we love a good journaling practice. There are many ways to perform this tried-and-true wellness trend, so don’t limit yourself to a “dear diary” moment every time. Your journal is your safe space to mind dump, vent, and whatever else. When it comes to CBD routines, our Wellness Coaches always encourage journaling to track your results and stay in tune with the subtle changes in your mind and body. Further, writing by hand is a mental process that can calm your brain down. In moments of peak stress, put pen to paper — make a pros and cons list about that sticky situation, sketch out the plans for that random idea you had, or write a letter to your past or future self. Your thoughts and ideas will soothe your soul if you let them!



wellness trends meditatingMeditation is the practice of being present. Some people may find keeping a consistent meditation practice one of the most challenging wellness trends. Maybe you’re one of those people and it can be hard to find a spare moment when you’re not rushed to the next to-do. Too often, we find ourselves ruminating on the past or worrying about the future. Think of meditating like your favorite perfume or cologne: a little goes a long way. We can implement tiny doses of mindfulness into our day and build from there. Focus on your breathing and use the changing season to keep your mind present. For example, hear the crisp crunch of leaves under your shoes, feel the cool wind on the tips of your ears and nose, and smell the neighbors’ evening bonfire down the block. Allow yourself to feel grounded in these moments before they’re gone.


Portable wellness tools

Keep your favorite wellness products on the go with you to access support whenever you need it! Small fidget toys can be a lifesaver for focus, and earplugs can help drown out the external noise to cultivate your inner peace. Our Rapid Calming Melts and Rapid Sleep Melts travel well and are highly discreet for stressful moments in a pinch. In moments of complete head clutter, a pocket journal or the handy dandy note app on your phone can be perfect for journaling on the go. Consider keeping an old makeup bag or small pouch in your purse or work bag to store all of your tools. 


Functional ingredients

We love our CBD around these parts, but hemp is only one of the hundreds of thousands of plants known for their medicinal properties. Plant medicine has been used over centuries of human history, but one of the wellness trends has really caught on fire over the last few years. Could this be the season when you explore a new herbal tea or additional supplements for focus or stress support? As we always say with CBD, experimenting is the name of the game. Starting low and going slow as you increase is a safe and effective way to find your most therapeutic dose. Though there is much to learn, we now know that several types of mushrooms, flowers, and spices can be used to soothe symptoms of many common ailments.*


Digital wellness

woman on computerElectronics are a part of this modern life. Between endless Zoom meetings, doom-scrolling on the phone, and binge-watching the latest popular show, it can feel like there aren’t many hours where we’re free from digital stimulation. Too much screen time can lead to significant eye strain, sleep problems, and chronic neck and back problems, just to name a few. How many nights per week do you fall asleep while on your phone? Do you binge shows or video games on your off days? There’s nothing wrong with screen time in moderation, but it’s most important to stay conscious of what you’re consuming. Keep any social media burnout or comparing yourself to others in check, and fill the time you would normally be on your phone with hobbies and habits that fill your cup!