5 Benefits of Journaling

Journaling has come a long way since the days of glitter pens and locking diaries. All grown up, the mindful act of journaling is a great way to chronicle and work through whatever life throws at you on any given day. Benefits of journaling as a practice can include relieving stress, enhancing your sense of well-being, aiding you in meeting a variety of goals, and overall improving your mental health and mindset.


Your journaling practice won’t look like anyone else’s, and that’s a good thing! A blank journal and a pen you love to write with are just the starting points for journaling, and from there, you can personalize your journal to be exactly what you need. Whether you’re working toward self-improvement goals or simply taking time to reflect on each day as it happens, writing for an audience of just you can help you stay centered and balanced. Here are just a few of the benefits journaling can offer.


5 Benefits of Journaling And How It Can Improve Your CBD Routine


5 Benefits of Journaling1. Tracking the progress of your CBD routine

Journaling is a great way to track your progress toward any number of goals, and your CBD routine is no different! When starting a CBD routine, it’s helpful to keep track of how you’re feeling each day. Keeping a record of your mood, sleep quality, and how you feel physically is a great way to see how your CBD journey is progressing. These daily check-ins can help indicate if your routine is going well or if you need to meet with your Equilibria Certified Wellness Coach to make any adjustments. Additionally, if you’re brand new to CBD or have recently started a routine and have questions, you may find our Youtube Page to be very helpful!

2. Becoming more mindful and intentional

Life is busy, and it’s easy to get caught up in the everyday chaos and not take any time for yourself. Setting aside a few minutes to write in your journal at the end of the day can help you stay centered and really reflect on the day. Your journaling time is a great time to focus on you; how you’re feeling, where you are in relation to your goals, your small successes, and your intentions for tomorrow. Writing out all of that can help you stay present in the everyday, instead of being carried along by the routine of daily life. 


3. Releasing the stress of the day

The benefits of journaling don’t stop there. Another benefit is that it allows you to process stress and other negative feelings in a structured, safe way. Often, simply writing out what’s causing you to feel stressed or anxious can help you release those feelings from your mind. By committing your stressors to paper, you can process and work through them in a way that doesn’t require keeping them front and center in your mind.

4. Improving your memory

Over time, we lose the memory of small, everyday moments that we might otherwise like to hang on to. A daily journal of what you’ve done, who you’ve seen, and where you’ve been can keep those memories active as well as allow you to recognize patterns or shifts that you may not have otherwise noticed. 


5. Boosting your creativity5 Benefits of Journaling

Your journal is a safe place to test the limits of your creativity and silence your inner censor. By letting yourself be creative in a way that requires no external validation or feedback, you can step outside your comfort zone and try new ways to express your creativity. No matter what form your creative endeavors take, a daily journaling practice allows you not only to hone your skills but develop new ones in a private, no-pressure environment. 


Whether you’re tracking the progress of your CBD routine or just reflecting on your day, journaling can be a positive addition to your self-care toolbox, giving you time to focus solely on yourself. Getting started is as easy as picking up a pen!