5 Benefits of A CBD Oil Massage

Modern life means many of us are far more stressed than we’d like, and that stress doesn’t just affect our state of mind — it can take a serious toll on our bodies as well. The mind and body are so closely intertwined that the stress of everyday life means we often carry tension in the body, affecting our physical as well as mental health. CBD oil massage is a great way to bring your mind and body back into balance, with a few benefits you might not expect!


5 Benefits of A CBD Oil Massage


1. Melt away tension

CBD oil massage

Whether you receive a professional CBD oil massage or perform self-massage at home, you’ll notice an immediate reduction in tension. Stress causes us to hold our bodies differently than we do when we’re in a relaxed state. Raised shoulders, a hunched neck, a sore lower back, and difficulty achieving your normal full range of motion are all ways that tension shows itself in the body. A CBD oil massage can release that tension, allowing your body to return to a more relaxed state. 


2. Relieve discomfort

If you’re experiencing post-workout soreness or the discomfort that comes from spending too much time in your office chair, a CBD oil massage can help relieve muscle soreness and aches. In addition to relaxing the muscle tissue by applying pressure, introducing CBD into your massage can target muscle tension for an added level of relief. Our Relief Balm combines EQ’s full-spectrum premium CBD with arnica and menthol for on-the-spot relief that boosts the benefits of your massage.* 


3. Alleviate stressCBD oil massage

Even if you aren’t experiencing muscle soreness or tension, CBD oil massage can be a powerful tool to help reduce your overall stress levels. Massage has long been known for its ability to help people relieve stress, and with the addition of CBD, you can achieve an even deeper feeling of relaxation. The following quick stress-relieving self-massage can be performed anywhere, whenever you have a few free moments:


  • Choose an aroma of our Dynamic Roller Duo and roll it on to the temples, close to the hairline. Take care to avoid the eye area.
  • Using two fingertips on each hand, make small, slow circular motions on the temples.
  • Move your fingertips to the occipital ridge (where the base of the head meets the spine) and apply pressure in circular motions from the center of the ridge moving outwards. 


4. Boost focus

It may seem contradictory, but massage can help boost your focus in addition to relieving your stress. Feelings of overwhelm and stress can hamper our ability to focus and divert our attention from where it’s needed. Massage helps to ease the stress response, slowing down the heart rate and alleviating some of the physical reaction to mental strain. A topical CBD product such as our Relief Balm also introduces aromatherapeutic benefits to your massage, with aromas including lavender and rosemary to help you stay in the moment when you’re feeling overwhelmed.* 


5. Nourish dry skin

CBD oil massage

Editor’s Note: Daily Treatment Oil is discontinued. For tips and tricks on how to use our other Equilibria products for skin concerns, reach out to your Certified Wellness Coach or check out this article.

Your muscles and mood aren’t the only things that can benefit from a CBD oil massage! It’s also a great opportunity to relieve dry, stressed skin. A facial massage using our Daily Treatment Oil will hydrate and revitalize skin as you relax, leaving both your skin and your mood renewed. For a body massage, try our Nourishing Body Oil. It not only provides a lightweight, easy glide to aid in massage techniques, but also nurtures and softens skin with a blend of botanical oils, aromatherapeutic extracts, and our hand-harvested CBD for deep relaxation and long-lasting skin hydration.* 


Many of our members have found that incorporating EQ’s topical CBD products into their massage routine has had a positive effect on their mood and overall well-being. If you’re not sure if topical CBD is a good option for you, our Certified Wellness Coaches are here to answer your questions and help you fine-tune your daily CBD routine to help achieve your wellness goals! You can also learn more on on our Youtube page for all things CBD.