EQ’s Ultimate Chill Girl Summer Playlist

EQ's Ultimate Chill Girl Summer PlaylistAugust is here and while you’re putting the final checks on your summer bucket list, we’ve got the perfect playlist for you to listen to as your chill girl summer soundtrack. 

Chill Girl Summer is all about relaxing, keeping it cool, and (of course) having fun! Whatever activities you find yourself participating in this summer, we have the jams you’ll want to put on repeat. Read more to see our top Chill Girl Picks and check out our playlist for the full list of chill vibes.


“Satellite” – Harry StylesEQ's Ultimate Chill Girl Summer Playlist Harry Styles

When Harry’s House dropped this summer, we had a feeling it was going to be a Harry-filled summer, so of course, we had to sprinkle in a few of the easy-listening tracks to our list.


“Can’t Fight” – Lianne La Havas

The ULTIMATE cool girl, Lianne gives us the most chill vibes. Excuse us if all we want to do is take our CBD and listen to her all summer. 


EQ's Ultimate Chill Girl Summer Playlist Haim“Summer Girl” – HAIM

Happy and carefree all wrapped up and gifted to us in one song. We couldn’t make a Chill Girl Playlist without including HAIM.


“Chiquitita” – ABBA

With an ABBA resurgence and Mamma Mia being one of our favorite summer movies (read the full list here), the Swedish Europop group was a shoo-in on this list.


“Feels Like Summer” – Childish Gambino

Okay, yes, we are partial to songs with “Summer” in the title, but hear us out – this groovy song is definitely going to have you Feeling Like (a Chill Girl) Summer. 


Curious about the rest of our picks? Listen to the full playlist here.