How to Create a Calming Space for Better Sleep

High quality sleep is one of the most important contributing factors to our health. Lack of sleep or poor sleep can affect your cognitive function, immune system, mood, and behavior, as well as put you at higher risk for a number of health concerns. Better sleep is within your reach, though! In addition to a daily routine of Equilibria’s premium CBD to support a healthy sleep cycle, you can also create a sleeping environment that allows you to get better, more restful sleep with just a few changes.


How to Create a Calming Space for Better Sleep


Support your circadian rhythm using light and darkness

better sleepOur bodies naturally rely on light and darkness to regulate our circadian rhythms. Too much light while you’re asleep can interrupt your sleep cycle, as well as cause you to wake too early. Using blackout curtains or a sleep mask that blocks out ambient light can help you reach a deeper state of sleep and stay there longer. 


When it’s time to wake up and start your day, light is an important cue to your body to get up and get going. Consider using an alarm clock that incorporates light as part of your waking-up process, and open your curtains right when you wake to take advantage of natural morning light.


Banish clutter and dust

Believe it or not, a messy bedroom can interfere with your sleep. Visual clutter can cause stress, preventing you from getting truly restful sleep, as well as being a trip hazard during those middle-of-the-night bathroom trips. Keeping your bedroom free from clutter creates a space in which you can truly relax. 


Staying on top of vacuuming, dusting, and washing your bedding is important, too. Dust and dust mites can affect your breathing and aggravate allergies, which in turn can compromise the quality of your sleep. An air filter or purifier can help improve your bedroom’s air quality, allowing you to breathe better and experience quality rest.


Incorporate sound to improve sleep quality

Intermittent noises throughout the night can wake you up and lead to fractured, poor quality rest. Since fully soundproofing your bedroom isn’t a reasonable option, look to a white noise machine, fan, or other ambient sounds to reduce the effect that unexpected noise has on your night’s rest. Even earplugs can prove helpful if you share space with a snorer or sleep-talker! 


Use scents you love for deep relaxation

better sleepSmell is inextricably linked to many of our emotional and physical responses, and it’s no different when it comes to sleep. Using a scent that you find calming or relaxing can help you fall asleep more easily by signaling to your body that it’s time to rest. Many people find that scents like lavender, camomile, or jasmine bring feelings of calm and relaxation, but let your own preferences guide you.* 


For a safe, effective way to incorporate scents without the risks of candles or electric diffusers while you snooze, Equilibria’s CBD Roller Ball Duo allows you to experience the aromas of lavender, bergamot, and rosewood or peppermint, jasmine, and lemon with a convenient rollerball application for your temples or inner wrists. Or combine relaxing aromatherapy benefits with relief from the day’s aches and soreness with our CBD Relief Balm, featuring lavender, rosemary, and menthol.* 


Control temperature for maximum comfort

Body temperature can fluctuate at night, often causing you to wake up feeling overheated or flushed. Hormonal changes such as menopause or pregnancy can also affect sleeping body temperature, leading to discomfort and interrupted rest. Keeping your bedroom a few degrees cooler at night can help alleviate these effects and allow you to sleep more comfortably, and uninterrupted all night long.


Make Equilibria CBD part of your bedtime routine

Many of our members report a more regular and restful sleep cycle with a consistent daily dose of our full-spectrum premium CBD. Our Certified Wellness Coaches can help you personalize your CBD routine to best support healthy rest. Don’t endure poor quality sleep any longer — with a few simple changes to your space as well as support from Equilibria, you’ll be able to rest easy again.