Are you tired of the same new year’s resolutions year after year? We’d like to challenge you to rethink the ways you approach change to your daily routines by bringing in Intention. Intentions offer an opportunity to add meaningful daily practices that are internally motivated into your life. 


But what does that mean? How do we actually set intentions? We’re sharing a few simple steps on how to start setting new years intentions and how to make it a regular practice in your own life.


Rethink New Year’s Resolutions: How To Start Setting Intentions


How to set meaningful intentions

Rethink New Years Resolutions: How To Start Setting Intentions

  1. Identify what it is that you want or need by asking yourself what is important right now
  2. Clear your mind of any negative thoughts or blockers that are preventing you from achieving your desired intention
  3. Create a spoken element – like a mantra, prayer or statement that can be repeated or focused on as needed
  4. Remember to recall your intentions throughout the day – with another practice like having breakfast, journalling or having coffee



Examples of Intentions

  1. I accept my whole self. My whole self is enough.
  2. I will follow the cues my body gives me (this applies to hunger, thirst, other needs)
  3. I cannot control that which I cannot control
  4. I am filled with abundance
  5. I choose a life that fills me with joy


Extra tips:Rethink New Years Resolutions: How To Start Setting Intentions

  1. Try meditating and focusing on your spoken element while you have a calm mind
  2. Practice gratitude. This daily practice can enhance intention-setting by showing that you’re actually working towards your goal
  3. Consider adding your intentions to a daily calendar or add them as a computer/phone background so that you can recall them easily


Take a moment, breathe in deep and calm your mind to focus on your intentions this year. Whether it’s the intentionality of making the perfect cup of coffee, finding your life-changing CBD routine, or committing to evening journaling – intention setting infuses meaning and power into our lives.