Tips for Turning a Bad Day Around

We have all experienced days where it seems like everything that can go wrong does. When feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it can be hard to think of ways to support your mood and return to feeling calm and collected. Incorporating self-care into your daily routine can go a long way in turning your bad day around. Whether it’s stress from a hard day at work, planning your wedding day, or prepping for your summer vacation, our Certified Wellness Coaches have four tips for turning your bad day into a good one! 


4 Tips for Turning A Bad Day Around


bad dayTip 1: Take 5 Minutes to Breathe

Taking some time to focus on your breathing is a great way to help clear the mind, improve mood, and reduce stress. Even five minutes a day can make a big difference! Smell is also linked to many of our emotional and physical responses. By adding essential oils to your breathing routine, you can elevate the mood-boosting benefits and get the most out of your breath work. Try incorporating deep breathing and essential oils to support your mood while you’re on the move or provide a moment of relaxation when unwinding after work or before bed.

The Dynamic Duo Roller not only provides CBD benefits, but also aromatherapy benefits. Our Energizing Roller includes a blend of CBD, sweet orange, lemon, jasmine and peppermint to reset and uplift your mood, and the Calming Roller includes a blend of CBD, lavender, bergamot, and rosewood to help you relax and unwind after a long day. The Dynamic Duo Roller is a quick and easy way to incorporate extra benefits into your breathing routine!  

Explore our guided Box Breathing video


Tip 2: Turn On The Tunes

Listening to calming music while you work is a great way to keep your mood up and provide motivation as you get through the workday. Recent studies show that our brain responds to listening to pleasurable music as if it is a reward. Create a special playlist for the tough, stressful days to support you as you decompress. 

Don’t know where to start with a playlist? Check out Equilibria’s playlists of curated songs. From working out to unwinding for bed, we have a playlist to get you in the right frame of mind!


Tip 3: Move Your Bodybad day

Whether you are working in an office or working from home, sitting at a desk for an extended period of time can leave you feeling low and lethargic. Movement has been associated with increasing motivation, focus, energy, and mood. Taking a small walk around the block or incorporating a low-impact five-minute exercise can help recharge your body and get you through the day. 

Rather than trying to fit an extended gym session into an already hectic schedule, try exploring new ways to move and tune into your body. To learn more about the connection between the mind and body, check out our video blog on presence practice


bad dayTip 4: Practice, Practice, Practice

Just like any workout, CBD routine, or starting a new hobby, practicing self-care when it feels easy is a part of being able to remember how to use your self-care techniques when you are feeling overwhelmed or during low moods. Changes take time, and keeping a journal can help you stay aware of what tips work best for you.

CBD and self-care are two of the many layers in your routine that can help support you during low moods and increased stress levels. By being more self-reflective and also incorporating small self-care tasks throughout your day, you can support yourself during bad days and turn them into a productive and fulfilling experience. 


Don’t know where to start in your routine or have questions about CBD? Schedule a time to talk to a Certified Wellness Coach. During your Wellness Coaching Session, your Certified Wellness Coach will discuss product options as well as offer education and tips on getting the most out of your CBD routine!