Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Your Fall

The temperature is dropping and the leaves are turning — fall has arrived, and EQ wants to make sure you’re making the most of it! It’s the season of apple cider, pumpkin picking, and cozy sweaters, and you deserve to enjoy it to the fullest. If you’ve been patiently waiting through the summer heat for your favorite season to arrive, it’s your time to shine! We’ve put together some of our top tips to help you make this a fall to remember.


Plan your itinerary

Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Your FallThere’s certainly no shortage of things to do once autumn comes, so listing out your favorite fall activities can help you find time to do everything you want. Check your area to see where you can go for apple picking, haunted houses, farm festivals, and more. Whether you have some old childhood traditions you’re looking to continue or are looking to make new fall memories, keep track of all the things you want to do and make a plan to do them. Fall is short and the weekends go fast, so make time to do the things you really enjoy.


Immerse yourself in the weather

Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Your FallCrisp, cool autumn weather is like nothing else, and it’s always over too soon. Make sure you get the most out of the short time you have with fall by enjoying the outdoors to the fullest. It’s the perfect time for long afternoon walks in the fading fall sun, days spent exploring your area’s best foliage, or relaxing on a lazy hayride, taking in all the sights of the season. Fall invites you to enjoy the changes outdoors, so accept that invitation as often as you can. Just make sure you dress warm enough!


Choose your outfit(s)

Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Your FallEveryone who loves fall knows that one of the best things about this time of year is the wardrobe. From chunky sweaters to comfy boots, cozy is the theme for fall outfits, and now is the perfect time to lean into that! If you’ve been looking forward to your fall wardrobe all year long, grab your favorites and start planning all your great fall fits. As a bonus, you know you’ll look great in your orchard pictures for Instagram!


Discover Fall Adventures with Focus Gummies

Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Your Fall

Warm up and enhance your fall adventures with Focus Gummies. As you embark on your favorite autumn activities, these gummies can provide a boost to your concentration and mental clarity, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the season.* Whether you’re apple picking, exploring haunted houses, or enjoying farm festivals, the Focus Gummies can be your perfect companion. The natural, nootropic ingredients in these gummies are designed to support cognitive function, keeping you sharp and attentive throughout the day.* So, grab a pack of EQ Focus Gummies, tuck it into your cozy sweater pocket, and let the fall fun begin!



Keep up (or start) your wellness routine

Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Your FallAs the weather cools and daylight becomes shorter, you might find that fall starts to affect your mood. Less sunlight can translate into low mood for many people, so maintain an uplifted mood with a regular daily EQ routine. Because CBD and other functional ingredients that EQ uses in their holistic range of wellness products have a cumulative effect on the body, being consistent with your daily dose helps ensure you’re getting the most benefit from all that EQ has to offer.


Looking to start or adjust your EQ routine so you’re prepared for the seasons to change? Our Certified Wellness Coaches can answer all of your wellness questions and help you fine-tune your daily routine for your specific needs. Call or email to schedule your free consultation.