Why You’ll Want to Include CBD on Your Wedding Plan Checklist

Your wedding day might be one of the happiest times of your life, but all of the planning can make the time leading up to it one of the most stressful. Find out why EQ CBD should be a must-have on your wedding plan checklist to keep you centered and stress-free during the wedding planning process.

Wedding plan checklistWhy You’ll Want to Include CBD on Your Wedding Plan Checklist

The number of details involved in planning a wedding can be overwhelming. From flowers to finding the right dress to figuring out the seating chart, there’s no end to the ways that wedding planning can stress you out. And even if you have a thorough checklist for planning a wedding, chances are, it doesn’t include ways to keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed with the process. Adding Equilibria CBD to your own wedding plan checklist can help you stay calm and balanced all the way up to the honeymoon and beyond.

For day-to-day centerednessWedding plan checklist

Wedding planning rarely happens in a vacuum. While you’re deftly handling every big day detail, everyday life and its stresses are still very much present. It’s no wonder that stress can take its toll, often leaving you tired, frustrated, and short-tempered. The added pressures of wedding planning can quickly get overwhelming, so it’s a good idea to incorporate some stress relief support to help get you through.

A consistent daily routine of EQ’s premium CBD can help support a balanced mood and help soothe your stress response, so when your days feel like more than you can handle, EQ is here to help. Our Essential+ Bundle has everything you need for consistent coverage with our Daily Softgels, Daily Drops, and Daily Gummies. Curious about why we recommend CBD daily? Our Dosage Specialist, Bee has some answers for you in this five-minute video.

For times of added stress

One of the unavoidable parts of wedding planning is that things will inevitably go wrong somehow. No matter how carefully you plan or how many items are on your wedding plan checklist, it’s a given that you’ll encounter some obstacles along the way. Whether it’s a cake catastrophe or dress drama, it’s best to be prepared for these extra-stressful moments. 

A squeeze of our Drink Drops into your water bottle or glass starts working quickly to help you regain a sense of calm and tackle the problem with a cool head. Taking a few minutes to re-center, take a few deep breaths, and incorporate our premium CBD while you hydrate can be just the break you need. When you’re caught off guard by the disaster of the day, count on EQ to help you get back on track.


Wedding plan checklistFor day-of nervousness

Once you’re ready to walk down the aisle, there’s a good chance that some wedding day jitters will be tagging along. Handling last-minute details, getting ready, and making sure the day is as perfect as it can get can do a number on your nerves. Fortunately, you don’t have to let the stress take over. 

For discreet, on-the-spot relief, it’s our Rapid Calming Melts to the rescue! Dissolve a melt under your tongue for fast support and a renewed sense of calm so you can focus on having the best day possible. We encourage you to try Rapid Calming Melts once prior to using them on your big day so you can see how they work for you. Let EQ help you say “yes” to less stress! 



Whether you’re new to CBD or have an established routine, EQ’s Certified Wellness Coaches can help you fine-tune your dosage to support you through the stresses of wedding planning. Use this link here to book your Wellness Coaching Session.