Week 4 Recap of Our 30-Day CBD Challenge

As we start to wrap up our 30-day challenge, we hope that following your new routine over these past few weeks has shown you the power of a consistent CBD routine and has brought you closer to achieving balance. Read more

Week 3 Recap of Our 30-Day CBD Challenge

Week 3 is here! You’ve made it through 21 days of our challenge and we couldn’t be more proud. If you’re loving your routine we’d love to hear about your unique journey with CBD. Read more
30-Day CBD Challenge: Week 2 recap

Week 2 Recap of Our 30-Day CBD Challenge

Whether you’re following along with our 30-day Challenge and need a recap, or have started on your own time, below we’ve pulled together everything you need for week 2.  Read more
30-Day CBD Challenge

Week 1 Recap of Our 30-Day CBD Challenge

If you’re new to the challenge- that’s ok! You can start at any time. Here, we’ve pulled together everything you need to start the first week of your 30-Day Challenge.  Read more
Giving Intentionally This Holiday Season

Intentional Giving This Holiday Season

This holiday season we are committed to offering you gifts that keep on giving through thoughtful gift sets and meaningful donations that do more than just say, “Happy Holidays.” Read more
Flavored CBD Oil Seasonal Flavored Daily Drops

Our Limited Edition Drops Have Landed: Learn About The Flavorful Duo

It’s official! Our new, limited-edition flavored Daily Drops are here. We’re celebrating this cozy season with two new delicious flavors: Spiced Bergamot and Cranberry Elderflower. Read more

Taking Action, Together: Supporting Social Justice Organizations

This month at Equilibria, we are committing to raising money to support Social Justice platforms chosen by our members. To reach our goal, we are activating the help of our community and donating 15% of your Equilibria purchase to five organizations that support Black Lives. We are passionate about the below organizations and we look forward to working with them through our community’s support. Read more

From our CEO: Why ‘For Women, By Women’ Matters

We get asked all the time, “Why do you focus only on women when everyone can benefit from this powerful plant?” The answer is simple. We believe women need us the most.  Read more