Sexual Health and Sleep

Woman in bed in pajamasWhen you think about all of the facets of your health and wellness that CBD can support, you may not be thinking about your sexual health. Women’s sexual health can be complex and is affected by a number of different contributing factors, including the amount and quality of sleep that you get. Fortunately, EQ is here to support women’s health with a holistic, science-based approach to wellness. 


Poor sleep can result in a variety of health concerns, both physical and mental. A lack of concentration, mental “fog,” fatigue, and low mood can all occur after a bad night’s sleep, and any one of these factors can affect your sex drive. Long-term sleep issues can only compound the problem, leaving you feeling exhausted all the time and impacting your libido. If you aren’t getting the amount or quality of sleep you need and it’s taking its toll on your sex life, try these sleep tips for a better night’s rest.

Set the scene

Bed with sheetsThese days, we do so much more than sleep in our bedrooms. Whether you’re watching TV, catching up on social media, or working from bed, your bedroom can be a busy place! With all of this happening, though, it can make quality sleep, as well as sex, more difficult to attain. Try transforming your bedroom into a restful oasis, somewhere you’re comfortable and calm without the distractions of everyday life. 


Some ways you might bring some relaxation into your space include switching from overhead lighting to lamps, introducing plants into the room, upgrading your bed linens, and moving electronics out into the main living space. Creating a better space for sleeping can also result in a more romantic setting — it’s a win/win!

Fine-tune your routine

One of the reasons many people have trouble falling or staying asleep is that we often don’t adequately prepare ourselves for sleep. Going from the hustle and bustle of the day immediately into bed to try to sleep is rarely successful. Instead, try a nighttime routine that you can begin in the hours before bedtime.


Everyone’s routine is different, but you might try a relaxing bath or shower, a gentle evening stretching routine, journaling, taking your Nightly Sleep Gummies, and giving yourself a stop time for electronics use. One evening routine step you may want to consider adding in is sex itself. We know that sex and sleep are closely linked, and research suggests that engaging in sexual activity before bed may help lead to a better night’s sleep. Sex releases mood-boosting chemicals like oxytocin and dopamine, both of which can help relax you enough to fall asleep more easily.

Help yourself fall asleep faster

If your sleep cycle is unpredictable and you find yourself lying awake in bed long past your bedtime, you may need a little extra help falling asleep. Luckily, you can support a healthy sleep-wake cycle with EQ. Our Nightly Sleep Gummies use a blend of our premium full-spectrum CBD along with CBN, chamomile, and L-theanine to help you get a luxurious night’s sleep. If you’re looking for more immediate, long-lasting sleep without having to count sheep, our new Rapid Sleep Melts are the faster way to melt into sleep. Our blend of CBN, GABA, and tart cherry extract helps make bedtime easy and predictable, and helps you wake up refreshed.*


Have questions about CBD, sleep, and sexual health?

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