Your Zodiac Sign Sleep Habits

Do you love reading your horoscope every day? If you’re astrologically obsessed and can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep, see if these zodiac sign sleep habits sound familiar to you.


Your Zodiac Sign Sleep Habits

Aries: Thinking about what they can do better tomorrow. Not ones to rest on their laurels, Aries are always looking forward to what’s next and how they can make the most of it, even at the expense of sleep. Try journaling before bed to get your thoughts out of your brain and on paper so you can rest easy knowing you won’t forget a thing.Zodiac Sign Sleep Habits


Taurus: Taking a quick power nap after work. Taureans like to be comfy and sometimes can’t escape the allure of their bed, especially after a tough workday. Limit yourself to a half hour nap to avoid cutting into your regular sleep schedule.


Gemini: Scrolling through social media instead of going to bed on time. Geminis like to be in the middle of all the action, so keeping up with their feeds is often keeping them up much later than they should be. You may want to give yourself an evening cut-off time to give your followers time to miss you.


Cancer: Wide awake and in their feels. Sensitive Cancers sometimes can’t turn their feelings off long enough to go to bed. Processing a day’s worth of emotions can be enough to make them lose sleep. Try our Daily Drops as part of your bedtime routine to calm and relax your mind so you can drift off to sleep.


Leo: Dreaming about their summer outfits. Luxury-loving Leos hate to face the world looking anything but their best. Bedtime is a great time to mentally flip through their closets and put together the next great OOTD. Keep a notebook or sketchpad on your nightstand to document those great ideas.


Zodiac Sign Sleep HabitsVirgo: Running through every detail of their day in their head. Virgos’ brains are always going a million miles a minute, which often makes falling asleep an out-of-reach luxury. Our Sleep Gummies’ botanical blend of premium ingredients can help you reconnect with a reliable sleep schedule.


Libra: Hitting snooze 15 times before actually getting up. Libras are known for their difficulty in making decisions, and deciding to get out of bed is no different. Try splurging on your favorite luxury coffee or tea to make facing the morning worth your while.


Scorpio: Wishing they weren’t sleeping. FOMO hits popular and charismatic Scorpios hard. Why waste time in bed when there’s a whole world out there waiting? Remember that a regular sleep cycle makes for a more energized Scorpio, so the world can get the best possible you.


Sagittarius: Up late planning their next adventure. Sagittarians are explorers, always on a quest to see and learn more about the world. Bedtime takes a backseat to figuring out the next journey. Winding down in the evening with our Drink Drops can help you relax as you plan the next great escape.Zodiac Sign Sleep Habits



Capricorn: Tossing and turning with new ideas. Pragmatic Capricorns bring a can-do attitude to everything they try, and there’s always something new to try! A calming evening stretching routine can help quiet a busy mind so you’re refreshed and ready for whatever tomorrow brings.


Aquarius: Watching a nostalgic movie. Aquarians are known for their individuality, but still enjoy the comfort of the familiar. A favorite movie while winding down can reconnect Aquarius with their inner self. If the dialogue and soundtrack help relax you but the light is keeping you up, the combination of an eye mask and a TV sleep timer might just do the trick.


Pisces: Trying to turn their dreams into reality. Pisces are dreamers, and what happens in dreamland might just make its way into waking life if Pisces can find a way. A warm evening soak with our Luxury Bath Bomb is a great time to let your imagination run wild without keeping you up at night. Zodiac Sign Sleep Habits


No matter your zodiac sign, a good night’s sleep is an important component of your overall well-being. If you’re having trouble falling or staying asleep, our Member Education Team can help you personalize your daily CBD routine for your specific needs and concerns.