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Can CBD Get You High?

One of the most common questions our Dosage Specialists are often asked by new members is, “Can CBD get you high?” Concerns about impairment are common, and the short answer is that no, CBD cannot get you high. Let’s explore why. Read more
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Getting Started With Your New CBD Routine

A little black box just arrived on your doorstep, containing all of the CBD goodies you’re excited to try. Now, it’s time to set up your starting routine! When getting started with a CBD routine, it’s important to keep these things in mind. Read more

What is CBN?

If you’ve found your way to this blog, you are likely familiar with the most well-known cannabinoids: THC and CBD. This dynamic duo often takes all the credit for the benefits of cannabis therapies, but there are other minor cannabinoids such as CBN that you should know about! Read more
How to increase sublingual absorption

How to Increase Sublingual CBD Absorption

Because sublingual CBD bypasses the digestive system, there’s very little wait time before it starts working. Not sure if sublingual CBD is the right option for you? Find out more about the benefits of this delivery method and if it’ll work best for you. Read more
Woman holding Relief Balm

Topical CBD Cream: 5 Benefits of Our Relief Balm

Maybe you’ve never tried CBD and want to get started slowly. Maybe you’ve been following a routine for a while and are looking to try something new. Wherever you are now, a topical CBD cream can be a wonderful way to expand your CBD horizons.  Read more
CBD for Stress: Symptoms of Stress and How CBD Can Help

CBD for Stress: Symptoms of Stress and How CBD Can Help

Although it’s impossible to eliminate all stressors from our lives, CBD may be a valuable tool to help. Learn how stress can take a toll on your body and how to use CBD for stress. Read more

Types of CBD: Learn What’s Best For You

We get it. CBD isn’t easy from the outside. That’s why you may have tried different types of CBD from other brands and found that it didn’t work. In reality, though, once you know the basics, CBD is incredibly easy to use to your advantage  — and those basics start in science.  Read more

CBD Oil vs Balm: Which Is Better For Relief?

If you’re somebody who experiences discomfort, stress, or looking for more balance in your life, you may be torn between CBD oil and balm. Here we’ll explore the difference between the two, the benefits of each, and what’s best for you! Read more

CBD For Energy: Top Tips For A Natural Energy Boost

On the days when we need a little more help, caffeine tends to be the obvious choice — but what if we told you that you can use CBD for energy support? Read more
CBD and Alcohol: Can They Be Mixed?

CBD and Alcohol: Can They Be Mixed?

This holiday season is all about presence. We’re gathering once again to share food, laughter, and for many of us – a cocktail or two. So, naturally, the question arises: Can CBD and alcohol be mixed? The answer to this is complex. Here, we’ll break it down. Read more